Marketing Development

We want to help you offer all of who you are. Let people into your world, seeing something visually real they connect with. Presentation is nothing without connection. Let us take the hard work off your hands and put who you are in the face of your followers.

Creative Concepts

What is the best day of your life? How did it make you feel? What if you could recreate these moments for someone else. What you create can give someone a new lease on life. Don't only create projects but create feelings your audience conceptualizes.

Budget Accomadations

What would you be willing to pay? Do you know exactly what you need? The more we know about what you need, the more we know what we should offer. We don't want you to have use anything that doesn't work for you. Contact us, lets go over your needs


We are in an age of information. people move more freely than ever before. We want to reach people with ease and meet them on the go. The convenience of mobile content has made your information accessible on the go. Lets build relationships

Social Media Promotion

For any musician running social media is not an option but mandatory for creating awareness and drawing in new fan engagement. We have dedicated over 10 years of professional marketing experience in the digital world. What makes our service differ from others is the unique relationships and how we understand the world of music.

Listed below are several plans that we have that are for social media management, We help assist you with your engagement and tailor your profile to fit the niche that you define with us.


Music Distribution Services

Weather you have an album or a mixtape we offer extensive marketing and distribution services for your project. We get your Album to all major online retailers and your mixtape on over 50 different mixtape sites.

Music Marketing & Media Promotion

Music marketing takes a strategic sense in understanding the artist. We look at where the vision of the musician is coming from and we try to emulate that image to the world. Imperial Media Design has spent years getting to understand how business operates and the behaviors of a music audience flourish with their entertainers. We take that into consideration when matching our musicians with a targeted audience or any of our interested brands.


We can honestly say that we try to keep our hands in everything. We have spent countless hours, days, nights, weeks and years building a well-oiled machine. Our media platforms have helped to mold relationships and to build a backbone for a strong business model that can support musicians of today. We take our experience and apply that into the world of entertainment.
We understand that most musicians are looking for direction and are trying to figure it all out. We offer the know-how on how to take your music and reconfigure it into a well working professional music company. If you are ready to take that next step into a larger game of media. Contact us and let us get you going with our media magic.

Music Distribution

Our team at IMC music group can help with professional music distribution options. We don't stop with online retailers but we promote and market your music on many different levels.

Digital Marketing

We tailor our business to meet the needs of music professionals. We take all of the magic that happens in corporate business and mix them to meet your business creatively. We find your angle and target an audience that fits presence.

Digital Publication

We currently moved into the space of incorporating our Koncentrate Magazine as our lifestyle publication. Music entrepreneurship and business education, with focuses on holistic medicines including recreational cannabis.


We use several avenues to spread the word about your business or your music. We work with entertainment, urban businesses, entrepreneurs and many more. The digital age goes hand in hand with the mobile age. If you are not contacting your audience on the device they use the most you are missing huge opportunities. Our goal is to get you in front of the right people on the go, as many times as possible.


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